Day 6 in Zion National Park

There is not much you can say about today’s hike. We almost decided to go back to Vegas a day earlier, but then changed our minds and decided to hit the trails for one last trek. We definitely saved the best for last!
Today we hiked the West Rim Trail to Angel’s Landing. In all honesty, “hiked” is probably not the best word to describe most of the trip. While it is extremely short (only 2.5 miles one way), you gain an insane amount of altitude. The trail starts relatively flat for the first quarter mile and then the switchbacks start, ultimately ending up in a steep trail carved into the side of the rock face. Once you are through the first set of switchbacks, you enter Refridgerator Canyon, a relatively flat portion of the trail that is cool and a nice break. After passing through the canyon, you reach Walter’s Wiggles. These are a series of 21 switchbacks that climb vertically up the face of the rock formation, ending at Scout’s Lookout and the split for West Rim and Angel’s Landing. During the last 1/2 mile of the trail, you gain 500 vertical feet. At this point, there is no more hiking and it basically becomes a scramble to the summit. While there are chains to help guide you, you essentially climb over the spine of the “mountain” with 1000 foot drops on either side of you. Reaching the summit gives you a panoramic view of the park and a wonderful sense of accomplishment. You go back down the way you came, scrambling over rocks and boulders until you finally reach the relative safety of Scout’s Lookout. We topped off our last day with a few local beers and pizza. It was a great ending to a phenomenal trip!


  • People seen on trail(s): 50
  • Miles hiked: 5
  • Elevation change: 1520ft
  • See the pictures!

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