Meetings Per Week

Meetings Per Week

So I thought I would throw together a quick visual and see how many meetings I am in in a given week. Right now, I am average between 50 and 60. It will be interesting to see what happens with this trend overtime. 

Victim of SEO Optimization

The only traffic to my website is from people creating external links

So part of my job is to do SEO optimization. It is not my entire job, but it is one of the items in my toolbox that I use on a regular basis. Well, on our family website that I never update, Telford Family dot org, I started to get some comments on a post I did on our camping and outdoors nursery linking to a couple mural websites. Well, it turns out that the post is the number one search term for “camping nursery” on google. Since we had such a high ranking, some SEO expert was out there trying to improve their site’s score by including a link from my thread, or at least real traffic from people viewing the link.

I went in and moderated the comments down, but maybe, for good karma, I should have let them stay. Someone might do the same for one of my clients some day.

Raise some money for Children’s Research Triangle!

Uno's Pizza Children’s Research Triangle does a great deal of good and they could use your help. If you happen to be downtown on July 7th, why not make it a pizza night? Head over to the Uno’s on 29 East Ohio. Give them this ticket and Uno’s will donate 20% of their profits to Children’s Research Triangle. 

Our Wired Baby

Our Wired Baby

Originally uploaded by Chicago Traveler

As a premie he is hooked up to a number of machines. With the exception of the IV, everything is “read-only” i.e. it is just a monitor. Hover over the photo for notes on what is what.

Technology Stinks

Technology stinks. There , I said it. I am enroute to my client site and had written on my iPhone a witty and entertaining post on my visit to the French Market by Ogilvy Transportation Center . Unfortunately, something in the AT&T/iPhone/Wordpress App/Wordpress Hosting/blog connections fell apart and my post is lost so you won’t get to experience any of my witticisms, double entendres, or poignant insights. I truly beleive the world is a poorer place without my post (sarcasm) but here is my summary:
#I like it
#They have artisianal cheese
#The produce looked good
#Items are locally sourced

If you have the chance, check it out.