Day 5 in Zion National Park

Day Five and we are starting to get used to all of this hiking, but our muscles would say otherwise.We bummed around in the morning and did lunch at Oscar’s Cafe. This was one of the best meals of the week and we highly recommend it to everyone. When we finally arrived at the park, we decided to take it easy and only do one trail. We hiked Watchman Trail which is one of the simpler trails out of the ones we have done. It does have a moderate ascent with a decent view when you get to the top. Also, there was an interesting “off trail” hike just off of the top. It takes you back into the canyon on an unmaintained trail. The views were very impressive and it was nice and secluded. This offshoot was a nice addition to a simple hike. Since the hike itself was so short, we decided to walk back to the lodge from the park. For dinner tonight, we got Chinese which came highly recommended, but in reality it was somewhat disappointing. This may just be a result of the fact that since we live in Chicago, we are spoiled when it comes to dining.


  • People seen on trail(s): 15
  • Miles hiked: 5
  • Elevation change: 360ft

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