Press Release: Bounteous, Domino’s Cited in Forrester Research, ‘Creativity Catalyzes A Growth Mindset’

CHICAGO — April 20, 2021 — Bounteous, a leading digital transformation agency, is included in a recent report by Forrester Research, an influential global research and advisory firm for business and technology leaders, titled, “Creativity Catalyzes A Growth Mindset Elevate Your Individual And Collective Ability To Solve Problems And Energize Your Brand.”

The report, authored by analysts Jay Pattisall and Ted Schadler, is for leaders looking to learn how to apply creativity as an operating principle to fuel their business. Pattisall advises, “your greatest assets are your employees, equipped with talent and determination. Mold the mindset conducive for creativity by linking honed skills with willingness to cocreate. ‘It comes down to people having the aptitude and the attitude to collaborate in a business setting,’ says John Telford, SVP at agency Bounteous, as quoted in the report.”

“Success and by extension growth does not come from having a creative idea for your brand and executing it flawlessly. True success can only be realized by leveraging creativity throughout the entire digital experience, coming up with creative solutions to both the challenges and opportunities you will encounter throughout your brand transformation journey,” said John Telford, SVP of Digital Solutions at Bounteous. “At Bounteous, creativity is not just the purview of a Creative Director or even an Experience Design team. From our client projects to design challenges to our company-wide hackathons, every team member at Bounteous is not just encouraged but expected to bring creative solutions to their everyday solution to ideate better products, design better experiences, uncover better insights, and build better platforms that drive transformational results for our clients. We encapsulate this creative approach at the heart of our Co-Innovation engagement model.”

The report also cites Bounteous client Domino’s Pizza of Canada when explaining that, “Creativity happens more readily in teams of employees and partners from different backgrounds and disciplines. Such a collective has complementary skills and diverse perspectives to bring new thoughts, angles, ideas, and opinions to a challenge. This approach… compels Domino’s Pizza of Canada to source innovation from its diverse network of franchise owners.”

Bounteous was also recently cited in Pattisall’s report, “Intelligent Creativity Energizes Marketing Productivity: Human Intuition Plus Machine Accuracy Ushers In An Era Of Creative Transformation.”

The “Creativity Catalyzes A Growth Mindset” report is available online to Forrester customers or for purchase:

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