Comparing the past and the present

Wild Goose Island Circa 2008
Wild Goose Island Circa 2008

Well, it appears that I am partially reliving the life of my grandparents on my father’s side. Erin and I just went on vacation two Glacier National Park (see posts below) and we had a really good time. How this is related is that at Christmas time, we came across a number of slide reels of my grandparents that I got scanned at Costco and posted on my Flickr site. I am still trying to organize them all because somewhere in the last sixty years the order of the slides got messed up (most likely at Costco) but it is weird that in the pictures, I found a number that my grandfather took that are almost exactly the same as what I took.

Wild Goose Island Circa 1951
Wild Goose Island Circa 1951

For comparison, look at the picture in this post, and then look at the picture my grandfather took 50 years ago.

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