Day 3 in Zion National Park

Since it appears that rainy weather is fast approaching, we decided to hike The Narrows. This is a truly spectacular and unique hike where you spend over 50% of your time hiking through the river. You cross many times and at points the water is waist deep (especially if you are as short as Erin). Of course we didn’t have the equipment for such a hike, so we went to Zion Outdoor for everything that we needed. Since it was still cold (it is the first of May after all) we opted for dry pants and fleece pants, neoprene socks and 5.10 canyoneering shoes. This made the trip much more enjoyable. In addition to this, we rented dry bags and walking sticks for the hike. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Once the hike was underway, we were concerned by the cloudy skies and the chance of rain ahead. Being the over-prepared people that we are, we knew we had enough supplies to survive overnight in the canyon in the event of a flash flood, so we continued on. There were a number of people who had no supplies and were unprepared in the event of a flood, but we weren’t that surprised (including a few people in shorts and sandals – did we mention the water temperature was only 45 degrees?).

As for the hike itself, it was truly breathtaking. We made it all of the way to the end of the section known as Wall Street and were astounded by the beauty of our surroundings. Also, we made a side trip to Orderville Canyon. This turned out to be one of the most serene and thought proving sections of the hike. We were frustrated that we didn’t have a backcountry pass, so we were limited in how far we could proceed. Next time we come to Zion, we will likely do the thru hike all the way from the top down. This would also let us spend more time in Orderville. Burgers at Blondies were great and highly recommended.


  • People seen on trail(s): ~60
  • Miles hiked: 12+
  • Elevation change: 300ft
  • See the pictures!

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