Spam on the rise?

Wow, I have been seeing a lot more “unique” spam that has been making its way to my Hotmail inbox. These offers all seem to be offering gift cards, prizes, or something other item for people who go to their site. Usually Hotmail has pretty good spam filters, I wonder why they are getting through.

  • Biker Jacket  Orange County Choppers Jacket
  • Baby Supplies Dept.  Free* Diapers for a Year. Participate ins…
  • Payday Advances  Get Cash Now—Up To $1,500!
  • Extreme Makeover  The Ultimate Kitchen Makeover!
  • LingeriePromotions  Victoria’s Secret Gift Card
  • Automatic Shower Cle…  Scrubbing Bubbles® Automatic Shower Clean…
  • Public Review Panel  Full Line of Dove Products at no cost
  • ShoppingPromotions  TargetGiftCard
  • Eligibility Notice  You Qualified For Our Sweepstakes Entry. …
  • Diaper Giveaways  Free Diapers, A 1000 Dollar Value
  • Rewards Dept  Cash in at Costco!
  • Lingerie Promotion  Victoria’s Secret Gift Card!
  • Customer Service Rew…  FREE* PRIZE – Swiffer® Sweep+Vac

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John Telford

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